eye-control interface for web-browsers

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Welcome to EyeNav project.

The project

The eyeNav is an eye-control interface for web browsers, especially for people with severe physical disabilities (Lock-down syndrome, ALS).

It is inspired by the eyeWriter/eyeCan and similar projects that use eye-control, and uses same low-cost hardware (web-cam on plastic glasses).

What makes it different is that it is gesture based (looking right/left/up/down) rather than direct cursor manipulation like mouse.

The interface can be extended to many UI applications and games, and it can be added to any webpage, using websockets.


The eyeNav project was conceived, born, and took its first steps in 12 hours, during the Hackathon that took place at the hubTLV.

Authors and Contributors

Eran W (@eranws) Amir L (@amirc) Assaf P (@assafp)

Support or Contact

Please open an issue for any bug/idea